Welcome to Sweet Arhoma! Sweet Arhoma specializes in creating homemade scented candles.


Sweet Arhoma aims to provide satisfactory homemade scented candles that family, friends and loved ones will enjoy. Sweet Arhoma was created after realizing there were not candle companies who refill candle jars at a discounted price up to two times to save on the amount of wasted jars.  Sweet Arhoma was founded by Daneesha Kimble after being inspired to create candles for her family and friends. The name Sweet Arhoma was thought of by Daneesha who combined the words aroma and home together to commence the feeling of being home while being comforted by the sweet aroma of her homemade candles. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing and with her educational background; she will provide the best candles made from a place she calls home.

The candles are made from the home of Daneesha Kimble located in Oxford, Mississippi. All candles are made using soy wax, if you have a different preference of wax please submit a request through the contact page.